The philosophy of the Madison Preparatory Academy is based on the belief that a student’s education is nurtured through the quality and character of the relationship between home and school.       read more ....


At Madison Prep, students will choose either a liberal arts or math/science track. Students are scheduled to complete all credits needed for graduation by the end of their junior years.                            read more ....

The Culture of the Chargers

We start each morning with the statement, “It’s a great day at Madison Preparatory Academy.”  This phrase is used to help the students, faculty and staff, prepare our minds for a productive day.  The first sentence of our mission statement simply says that we are a project based learning high school that is focused on meeting the students’ academic and social needs.  It doesn’t matter what the learning styles or abilities are, everyone at Madison can and will learn.              Click here to  read more.....

       "It's a Great Day at Madison Preparatory Academy"

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